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  • How is it, the First Day of Online Courses?

    February 17th, Nankai University’s 2020 spring term begins. To prevent and control the NCP epidemic, the university begins online courses.

    Now let’s learn about the general situation of undergraduate teaching through a series of data:

    How many online undergraduate courses are provided in this term?

    Until now, 3,083 online undergraduate courses of the spring term are already prepared as required by the online teaching standard.

    How about the first day?

    Today 31,787 students joined in 662 online undergraduate courses.

    In which ways do teachers apply in online teaching?

    64% courses applied SPOC online teaching, 33% used online live stream, and 3% provided online MOOC resources.

    What platforms are used by teachers for online teaching?

    77% chose Xuetang X and Rain Classroom (Professional), 18% used Zhihuishu, and 5% gave courses on Chaoxing, MOOC and other platforms.

    Diversified Teaching

    In the time of prevention and control of the epidemic, Nankai University’s undergraduate education will be provided through SPOC, online live classes, MOOC, experiments and practices, one-to-one thesis instruction, etc. Graduate education will be provided on teaching platforms like Xuetang X and Rain Classroom, combining on- and off-line teaching and studying. Experiments and professional practices that are not applicable online will begin when teachers and students return to the university with extra arrangements.

    Teachers and students both contribute

     To better develop the online teaching, Nankai teachers and students cooperate and inspire each other. Many teachers prepared the courses till midnight and made many plans. Students also tried different apps to have classes smoothly or studied on their own according to the course requirements.

     “I chatted with them and exchanged our feelings. I gave them online tasks. They gave likes for me, a new ‘streamer’.” Many teachers said that the pre-arranged plans worked so that the online courses can be provided successfully.

    Born in the era of the Internet, students said, “as a special way of teaching during the epidemic period, online teaching shows its advantages.We can stay indoors and interact with teachers online. I hope the epidemic can be defeated as soon as possible, so that we can return to our lovely campus and classroom.”

    Online teaching is more than an emergent means

    To deal with the postponement of school opening in spring, the university set up a special working group of undergraduate education during the prevention and control of the epidemic, guided by Nankai University’s leading group of NCP prevention and control work. The working group is actively promoting the work of undergraduate teaching and study during 2020 spring term with “Internet speed”.
    For online teaching, from February 7th to 16th, the university has held 10 online live classes to train teachers to use online course. 3,276 teachers in total joined in the class. At the same time, the university also organized trainings for foregoers of each education unit so that they can lead the internal trainings of the groups in schools and colleges. Thus the training can cover all teachers. In addition, the university also provides online trainings for students, in which 8,174 student attended.
     Nankai University’s Vice President Xinsheng Wang said, “When the university starts the online courses, we will collect the feedbacks from the students. We will supervise the whole process and ensure the quality of online education.”

      (Translated by Yuchen Shi, Edited by Davide Francolino and JianjingYun)


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