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  • Heroes in Harm’s Way: Nankai University Affiliated Hospital Sent Medical Teams to Support Hubei

    The Spring Festival should have been a day of family gathering, but some people chose to be the heroes in harm’s way. During the Spring Festival, Nankai University Affiliated Hospital (Tianjin No.4 Hospital) received the emergent announcement from Tianjin Municipal Health Commission that it should organize and send medical teams to Hubei to support the battle against the NCP epidemic. The Hospital soon united and many medical staff applied actively. In the final decision, Na Ma, Guozhen Yu and Nan Yin joined the first batch of medical teams, and Xiaoqing Zhang joined the second batch.

    On 26th and 28th January, two batches of Tianjin medical teams to support Hubei set off the journey to Hubei respectively. They also brought medical materials to the first line of the battle against the NCP epidemic.

    Four medical staff joined in the medical teams to Hubei are:

    Na Ma, 38, CPC party member, nurse-in-charge and head nurse of internal medicine. She said: as a Communist Party member and a nurse, this is my duty. I believe that with the joint efforts of all of you, we can overcome this disease. I will cheer up!

    Nan Yin, 32, CPC party member, nurse of operating room. She said: my husband has also participated in the aid team for Africa and is very supportive of my work. Although I am the youngest in the medical team this time, I believe that I can handle all kinds of emergencies and problems and live up to your expectations.

    Guozhen Yu, 39, CPC party member, nurse of the endocrine department. She said: I am a Communist Party member. As a medical staff, it is my mission to save lives and help the wounded. As a Communist Party member, I have to fight on the first line. My family supports me so much that I don’t have to worry about my children and my family. I can complete the rescue task and win the battle safely.

    Xiaoqing Zhang, 42, deputy chief physician and internist. He said: it is our medical staff’s duty to resolutely win the battle of prevention and control of the epidemic. We will work together and win!

    At the moment when the whole country was united in fighting the epidemic, the medical staff of the Nankai University’s Affiliated Hospital immediately took action and actively signed up in various ways to participate in the battle without gunfire. After screening and comprehensive consideration, the Hospital also finally selected 64 medical staff with good physical quality, high professional ability and strong sense of responsibility to form a support medical team, ready to go to Tianjin Haihe Hospital for further support at any time.


     (Translated by Yuchen Shi, Edited by Davide Francolino and JianjingYun)

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