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  • Leader of Tianjin Municipal Education Commission Visited the Overseas Students of Our School

    Jing Hongyang, executive deputy secretary of the Tianjin Municipal Education and Work Committee and director of the Tianjin Municipal Education Commission, came to the residential area of Tianjin to visit the couple Nizam, a Ph.D. student of Pakistan from the School of Business, and Shanna, a Ph.D. student of Pakistan from the School of Tourism and Service. Wang Lei, vice president of Nankai University, accompanied the leader.

    Jing Hongyang conveyed the greetings from Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government to the overseas students and learned more about their living conditions and preparations for epidemic prevention. He also expressed appreciation for their academic achievements, encouraged them to cherish the learning opportunities in China and continue to scale the heights of academic research. Wang Lei, on behalf of NKU, told the overseas students to do a better job of protection, communicate with their teachers every day, report to them as soon as they encounter difficulties, because the school will spare no effort to provide help for the overseas students.

    Nizam and Shanna said that they are having a great time studying in Tianjin at Nankai University and they have been learning a lot. They thanked the leaders of Tianjin Municipal Education Commission and the school for their concern. And they said that they will definitely take preventive measures  according to the requirements of the government and the school and fight epidemic together with Tianjin and Nankai.

     (Edited by Davide Francolino and JianjingYun)

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