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  • University Leadership Meets the Founder of China-Europa Forum David Gosset

    January 8th, the founder of China-Europa Forum and Nankai University’s visiting professor David Gosset visited Nankai University. President Xuetao Cao had a meeting with him at Balitai campus, accompanied with Vice President Lei Wang.

    On behalf of Dr. Fabius, President of the institutional Council, Prof. David Gosset conveyed French President Marcon’s high recognition of Nankai University’s work in strengthening China-France friendly relations. Prof. David Gosset said that it is a great honor to participate and witnessed the centenary of Nankai entering a new historical period. He will actively promote the exchanges and cooperation between Nankai and the international community, especially France, and expects Nankai University to play its advantages, participate in high-level international exchanges and constantly improve its international influence.

    Prof. Xuetao Cao expressed his gratitude to Prof. David Gosset and other French friends for their long-term support for Nankai’s development and active promotion for the international exchange and cooperation of the University. Standing at the new starting point of the next 100 years, he hoped that French friends would continue to make suggestions for Nankai’s development and the “double first-class” construction, and support Nankai University to show its strength and make contribution on the international stage.

    The two sides discussed in depth the exchanges and cooperation between Nankai University and France, Italy and other countries.

    People in charge of Zhou Enlai’s School of Government, Association of Alumni, Graduate School and Office of International Academic Exchanges attended the meeting.

    (Translated by Yuchen Shi, Edited by Davide Francolino and JianjingYun)

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